Pulp Non Fiction

[ Friday, July 21, 2006 ]



Category: Croackpot cooking
Yield: Endless servings of bulls**t
4 lbs Palestinian Oppression2 lbs Palestinian Apartheid and inhumane conditions2 table spoons(ts) of Hamas extremists (including theoriginal Mossad funded type)3 oz Hezbollah retaliation
1 large clove of Media Bias towards Israel2 large ts of stinging IDF attacks10 kilos pre-planned Israeli Air assault5 cups of globalist agenda1 Large packet of Apathy and Indifference
Pour the 5 cups of globalist agenda in to a large pot.Add Palestinian oppression, apartheid and inhumaneconditions and bring to boil. Stir in Mossad fundedHamas extremism, if regular Hamas extremism does not
achieve desired results. Increase heat and add thetwo tea spoons of IDF attacks. Let it simmer 5 minutes.Now, add half a clove of Media Bias until it all startsto smell bad.
Stir the pot and slowly add the Hezbollah retaliation. Nowadd the disproportionate amount of pre-planned Israeli Airassault. Add the other half clove of media bias untilthe stench becomes unbearable. Increase heat and let the
whole situation cook into an all-out, incontrollable war.Disregard the resulting human death toll of innocentcivilians (Palestinians and Israelis), put them ina separate bowl and ignore.
Finally spoon out the contents into a large porcelainserving dish and sprinkle heavily with finally choppedApathy and Indifference. Add Total Ignorance to taste.
Serves millions
Ensure that all leftovers are sealed in a air-tight bagand placed in the freezer until needed for future attackson Syria and Iran and served either as cold 'self defense'or spicy (hellish) 'war on terror'.


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