Pulp Non Fiction

[ Thursday, October 13, 2005 ]



"Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero, and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful." Gibran

To All Pulp Non Fiction (PNF) Fans Out There (If any exist at all)

If you might have noticed...Pulp Non Fictions blogging is on the decline.This is due to a waking up to the reality that resistance is futile.Anyone who has followed this blog over the years knwos that pulp non fiction is so anti war anti violence and so pro peace it hurts.No body can refute that fact.Thats what blogs are for..they speak for themselves.

But PNF has reached a juncture in life when it has dawned on us that no matter what you do or say about the warrenterra...it is but a drop in the bucket...a fart in the wind.The powers that be are hell bent on pursuing their war on terror and they do have all the bases covered.They can and will declare worldwide martial law if they are pushed far enough.PNF dont want to push any further.PNF doesnt want it to get worse before it gets better but thats how it looks like from down here.Its going to get worse.A lot worse.This is only the beginning.

PNF is expecting a Syrian invasion as we speak...might we dare say a calibrated nuclear preemptive strike?...no thats for iran...and iran is not iraq...and might not roll over and play dead if its nuclear facilities are attacked...and egypt is boiling...and saudi arabias kings and princes audemars piaget clocks are ticking ...not to mention Iran is fumigating over Indias stab in the back stand shifting the sands at the (IAEA)...never has the world been so turbulent since WWII!

After the jailing of al-Jazeera's most prominent and popular correspondents, fronting the network's coverage of the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq...Tayssir Alouni and 24 others...branding them as terrorists...a term which was synonymous with communist not too long ago...how soon we forget...in all honesty in all humility, PNF would like to get out of their hair.PNF has contracted the neconservative fatigue syndrome virus...we are old enough and hopefuly wise enough to neoconceed defeat.To any of PNF neocon friends out there reading this...hey! you win!...ok? You rule. We are gentlemanly enough to conceed defeat only hope that you are gentlemanly enough to accept our surrender and our apologies for harrassing you over the years.

PNF is herby taking an extended sabbatical...maybe never to return ( who the flock cares anyway?). Godzilla knows there are never enough Renses and Riveros out there to keep stoking the peace pipe anti violence anti war fires...but Rense and Rivero et al are bigger drops in the bucket..Rense and Rivero and all the other webistes might be able to make a difference a few hundered years from now when the whole world is online ...but for today Rivero and Rense can and probably will soon be closed down and deemed terrorist like the jihad unspun website.

Besides who reads Rense and Rivero anyway? You? Us? A million readers a month? Ten Million? Twenty? Theres still the other five billion ninehundred ninety million who are oblivious and clueless and who get their news from cnn and espn the opium of the masses.So we and a few million others do not buy the official versions of what really happened and go to the internet for alternative sources of information and we hear both sides of the story and make up our own minds but what good has all the info that we have ingested over the last ten years done us? What difference has it made? If We still havent figured out who really killed JFK AND RFK...we still dont know what brought down Paul Wellstone's plane..and we yet have to see the irrefutable proof that Osama Binladen masterminded 911 that Tony Blair said he saw when he visited the White House shortly before the neocoalition of the most powerful nations on earth attacked a few thousand talibans with machine guns...we will never knwo.

The worlds events are overtaking us in a way like never before...between earthquakes tsunamis and katrinas and madrid bombings and london bombings and bali bombings and iraqs suicide car bombers du jour..not to mention the harriet miers and the michael jacksons and the scott and lacy petersens and the gretta van sustregens and the larry kings to the rush limbaughs...through which we are missing the forest for the trees.We should be focused on three things right now : the pollution/global warming problem the world poverty problem and the nuclear non profileration problem...three very important problems that we have shelved in the race to rule the world.Three problems that are going to blow up in our faces...three problems that if we funneled our hearts and minds and pocketbooks in the right direction, we can tackle and win.We have to win otherwise we will self destruct before we knwo it.It will take a great man to make the peace and an even greater man to keep the peace and no such person is visible on the world stage.

A major paradigm shift is needed to set the world on the right track.And that is not happening in the forseeable future.What is seen on the horizon is war and more war and terror and more terror to justify the war on terror.Resistance is futile.The military industrial oil complex have all the bases covered.They are strong. They are very very strong.There has never been in the history of the planet a group as strong and as militarily and financialy organized as the present day neoconservatives.Not the Romans not the Greeks not the Egyptians not the Turks...no empire even comes close to the Bush/Blair coalition who are literally dancing in the corridors of power and who in all likelihood will be dancing for many years to come.

In the meantime...we take our leave...and bid you adieu...and leave it to the RENSE'S AND RIVEROS to neocontinue the war against the war and advise you to hope for the best but brace yourselves for the worst.

It has to get worse before it gets better.Go buy yourselves some gas masks for you and your loved ones...a great stocking stuffer...stock up on bottled water...stay home more...forget that dream vacation to Bali or to visit the queen...stay home...get yourself a fast internet connection...read Rense and Rivero and other alternative news websites more more...watch CNN and FOX less...stay home lock your doors and mind your own business...the safest place is your home...theres no place like home...home is where the heart is...a man/womans home is their castle.One can not stress that enough.The point is...quit bitching about Bush and the judeochristian neoconservative zionists...resistance`is futile...all your bases are belong to zog...if you havent noticed by nwo...face it..you have been devoured by the neocons.World War III is on the horizon.This is the message: STAY AT HOME...SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.You WILL live longer.Enjoy the Enneagram.


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