Pulp Non Fiction

[ Sunday, September 04, 2005 ]


The Zionist Inquisition

"Much like the medieval Church, which enforced obedience to Christian dogma through terror, torture and mass murder, the Lobby must also wage its own crusade against enlightenment and free thought.Yes folks, time for another episode of Flip Your Yarmulke!—the unintentionally funny reality show where members of Canada’s Jewish Lobby go berserk on scholars and journalists who challenge the verities of zionist dogma and seek justice for Muslims.The rules of the show are simple. A Lobby representative impugns the integrity of a writer or publication by invoking the stale epithets of “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Israel bias,” and then advocates censorship under the guise of fighting racism."



The Lobby’s three weapons are: intimidation, rhetorical predictability, ruthless disregard for honest argument, and a … four! … the Lobby’s four weapons are: intimidation, predictability, ruthless disregard for honest argument, and a fan@ical devotion to Israel.

art [7:15 PM]