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[ Saturday, June 18, 2005 ]


Rabbi Weiss Rips Sharon/Zionism
Ariel Sharon's visit to the White House, on April 14, 2004, generated protesters, like Rabbi Yisroel David Weiss, a leader of the NY-based group, "Jews United Against Zionism." (17.5 MB)VIDEO

"And, it creates anti-Semitism. And we know that for close to 100 years already, Zionism is the root cause for the pain, suffering and bloodshed of the Jewish people, let alone who is talking about the Palestinian people and what has been going on in Palestine. And they, (the Zionists), are the greatest factory of anti-Semitism worldwide. So, that is what we are here for, to let the world know that Judaism and Zionism is not one and the same. They are diametrically opposite. And, we should not be mistaken one for the other. And, we shouldn't be responsible for the actions of what the Zionists do," Rabbi Weiss emphasized.

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