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[ Sunday, April 03, 2005 ]


Soldier's Father To Challenge Blair

The Guardian

Reg Keys, the father of a young Royal Military policeman killed in Iraq, is to stand against the prime minister in the general election.

Mr Keys, 52, an outspoken critic of the war, says he hopes the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will not field candidates in Mr Blair's Sedgefield constituency so that he can be the sole challenger. He has also asked the former MI5 officer David Shayler to withdraw.

Mr Keys, whose campaign will be funded by the musician Brian Eno, said he was standing to achieve justice for his son. Lance Corporal Tom Keys, 20, was one of six Red Caps killed by an Iraqi mob in Majar al-Kabir in June 2003.

Mr Keys, a former ambulance driver, has campaigned ever since over Britain's role in the war. He is undaunted by Mr Blair's 17,000 majority.

He said yesterday, "I've made the ultimate sacrifice for this campaign, I've lost my son ... How does (Mr Blair) think I felt when I dressed my son for his funeral, combed his beautiful blond hair and tried to avert my vision from the side of his face that had been blown off? I'm coming for you Mr Blair, but in a civilised way."

He has challenged Mr Blair to a television debate. "If this war was legal ... you've got nothing to hide," he said. "But we went to war for weapons of mass destruction and they did not exist. It was a lie.

MPs seek Blair impeachment

Celebrity anti-war campaigners joined MPs in Westminster to table a motion calling for parliament to discuss Tony Blair's impeachment over the Iraq war.

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