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[ Sunday, April 03, 2005 ]


Hezbollah Says Blasts Serve Israel

Beirut, Lebanon, Apr. 2 (UPI) -- Lebanon's Hezbollah said Saturday the recent series of blasts in the country served the "Zionist enemy."

The Shiite group said in a statement that the four explosions that struck the northeastern, predominantly Christian areas, in the past three weeks were aimed at planting sedition and division among the Lebanese.

The organization demanded the perpetrators of the bombings be found and punished, saying those who carried out the attacks were "serving the Zionist enemy and its schemes."

It warned against the "dangers of the repercussions of such acts, which target the security, stability and civil peace" of Lebanon.

Hezbollah's statement came a day after an explosive device blew up in the parking lot of a commercial center in the Christian area of Brummana, 12 miles northeast of Beirut.

The latest blast, said to have included 55 pounds of explosives, slightly injured nine people, including an American and a Kuwaiti whose identities were not revealed.

It destroyed 12 cars, damaged more than 50 shops, a sports club, a social club and two large warehouses.

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