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[ Monday, March 07, 2005 ]


Barney Has Found Miss Beazley
(Click on the image for a video )

Gives new meaning to Wag The Dog

The President of the United States and the so called leader of the free world George W Bush Jr.took the time off his busy schedule to introduce The New White House Dog Barneys new Bitch Miss Beazley to the whole Washington Press Corps.

They present Miss Beazley who Laura declares to the world "Arent they cute? She's also VERY interested in kids" and Barney sniffes Beazley out and in a minute does what any red blooded dog would do, he tries to hump her and she runs away with the first lady of the United States running after her and the President looking dumbfounded like he usualy does and Laura picks up Miss Beazely and brings her back to the hundreds of photographers and says something reassuring the free world that "Barney has already bonded with Beazley before this photo op.

So Laura Bush puts Miss Beazley down again and hope for a better photo op the second time around but it was not meant to be.Miss Beazley takes one look at horny Barney and takes off to the bushes and away from the Bushes once again.To which the President of the United States of America George W Bush gives up and says "She dont behave like Barney"..then he adds to the throng of reporters present in his most stately of smirks..." Well so much for yall..thank ya so much for coming to see us wag the dog."

Dont take our word for it, watch the video.

5 US Marines were blown to bits the night before.

10 Dead in a downed British RAF Hercules aircraft.

Not to mention that there is a war going on and rapidly approaching two thousand misguided marines have been killed and over ten 10 thousand wounded.


Not to mention the countless thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians killed and hundreds of thousands displaced or wounded or imprisoned in Abou Graib.

Not to mention the world is still reeling from the hundreds of thousands killed in the Tsunami and the assasination of Prime Minister. Hariri which puts Lebanon and Syria and Israel on the brink of war and the whole middle east on RED ALERT.

Not to mention that Italy and the rest of Europe is up in arms over the murder of one of Italys top agents and wounding of the rescued journalist and two others by US friendly fire.With friends like these who needs enemies?

Not to mention that we yet have to see any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.PLEASE dont add insult to our already injured intelligence and tell us they are now in Syria or Lebanon.

Not to mention that we yet have to see any proof that a plane crashed into the Pentagon the irrefutable proof that Tony Blair saw that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bin Laden masterminded 911 and now that Syria was behind the Hariri assassination.

Not to mention that Iran is agahst over the US sabre rattling and the destabilization of the entire region on its western boarder.

And the Bushes have the nerve to show off their new dog in their new adventure in their lives with Barney Has Found Miss Beazley.

Wag the dog? You betcha! Not just wag but Wag the dog In your face!

What arrogance. What gall. What nerve.

And We have the nerve still to ask WHY do they hate us so?

People are getting killed the world over and the Bushes want us to see their new doggie in the White House?

Can you imagine Putin coming out with his wife at a time like this to show off his dog? Can you imagine Mahatir or Mandela? Can you picture Chirac or Schroeder? Can you picture any head of state with the exception of the British Poodle Tony Bliar, doing anything even remotely so insensitive?

There can be no other way.They have the nukes and these madmen are just itching to use them.They are provoking the Arabs and Moslems to the point of no return.

Bush Blair and Sharon are war criminals and Blusharon must be stopped and tried for their crimes before they make NUCLEAR history.

art [8:28 PM]