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[ Monday, November 22, 2004 ]




Where is the bloody outrage & Why There IS No Outrage

US Marine Fatally Shoots Wounded Prisoner In Fallujah Mosque IN COLD


Short Version Of Video Here


NEW YORK - A U.S. marine shot and killed a wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi prisoner in a mosque in the former rebel stronghold of Fallujah, according to dramatic pool television pictures broadcast Monday.

After being shocked to death by the plethora of footage that showed our
soldiers in ovekill situations from the unjust and preemptive shock and
awe of our invasion killing thousands of innocent Iraqis to the killing
of demonstrators against the brutal invasion and occupation of their
land to the abu ghraib abuses and now to the mosque murders in cold
blood, one would wonder, Where is the bloody outrage?

After searching the web for worldwide condemnation to put an end to the
madness that should bring about a holy war, make that a holy nuclear
war...A time bomb nightmare of a self fulfilling prophecy come
true...one finds next to nothing on the subject of the genocide that
is unfolding right before our very eyes As we are celebrating ramadan
and hannukah and christmas.We should not be celebrating anything this
year.We should be ashamed of our collective silence.We should be
fallujalating ourselves for our sins against these innocent Afghans
Iraqis And what next Syrians and Iranians and Saudis?


Where is the bloody outrage? Where have all the moslems gone?Venturing
to ask a few of our moslems friends we got sympathetic ears but not the
bloody outrage that some of us are feeling today.

Why is there no outrage?

For those of you who feel the angst ...to let you know from one human being to another...sadly and unfortunately...the moslems are to blame...they are not united.They are not only not united...they are deeply divided.When sunni moslems see a shiite mosque being ravaged by enemy forcesthey are apathetic to say the least and when shiite moslems see sunnis and sunni mosques being desecrated murdered by the same forces the feeling is mutualy mute.You can compare the shiite and the sunni moslems in Iraq to the catholics and protestants in Ireland.

The truth hurts doesnt it Mr. Moslem,but there is no doubt that every moslem reading this if he searched deep within his conscience would shake his head in shame at the petty rivalry that is dividing them as a unified voice against the madness that is unolding before theire eyes falsely labeling and profiling every tomohammad bin and ali as a terrorist.

Where have all the freedomfighters gone?An endangered specis freedomfighters? They are not endangered they are extinct!
They have been made extinct by the powers that be.They have labeled 12 year old Palestinian and Iraqi demonstrators as terrorists and killing them like flies.

This is what makes the zionists who are the main protagonists in this war for "the security of israel"..the "Israel Right or Wrongers"...the REPUBLIKUDEMOCRATS hiding behind the jewish faith in zion and using the only united religion that is involved in this conflict as a weapon against the feuding moslems.

Its unfortunate that the billion moslems cant get their act together
for their silence emboldens the mureders to commit more and more
brazen acts of preemptiveness in the name of fighting the war on terror.The neoconscarevatives are scaring the world to the point they will have the NERVE to use the dreaded N word.They are pushing the moslems to the point of no return.Blusharon (Blair Bush & Sharon) are in effect provoking the moslems with" MAKE MY DAY PUNK."

The lines are clearly drawn in the sand.What we are witnessing is a 21st Century Crusade and whatever anyone does or says is irrelevant and futile.NUCLEAR WAR is on the horizion.We are just witnessing the begining of the Crusade/Jihad.Four more years of these neoconsevative fundamentalists in the White House and by then Bush would have spent trllions on the war enriching his father Bush41's Carlyle Group and the Infamous Bilderberg Broup in the most blatant of neoconflicts of interest.Before we knwo it we will have a cross hanging over the white house.And even possibly by that time we will be in the throes of a depression and martial law and cybermartial law.

What you are reading right now would be considered anti neoconservative and globaly anti zionist.They should rename the GAS (globalantisemitic) act as the GAZ Act for thats EXACTLY what it is.To require a report on acts of anti-zionism around the world.Its not anti semitism that the world is manifesting today , it is , it has and it always will be anti zionism. NOT anti Semitism or anti JUDAISM.

Jews are victims too of the Zionism.

What was passed in congeress and the senate and signed into law by GWB was the Global Anti Zionist Act.The GAZ act that was instlled in europe and russia after the second world war making it a crime if you even said a jewish joke.


We've come a long way from there and The throwback to the world war two antisemitic act has to be the most dangerous bill to hit free speech since Ashcroft came to town.

Whatever we do theres no stopping them.It has to get worse before we dumb schmucks realize that regime change is the only option.How could we even think that Kerry or Liberman would have been an option for a change.Theyre birds of the same miltaryindustrioil's feather.

But how do you fight a 900 lb gorilla? How do you fight a modern day GOLIATH?WITH NUKES! Who is going to tell HIM what he is doing is terribly wrong and destructive to the world??The irony or ironies is the outrageous claim that the moslems want to rule the world when it should be obvious by now who really is ruling the world and by force and so arrogantly biased and one sided towards Israel.

Where is the Global Anti Moslem Act? Where have all the moslems gone?

How dare us talk of Global anti semitism when we are commiting the worst kind of ANTI ARAB MOSLEM GENOCIDE ever seen on the planet!Where have all the good christians gone?Are we hell bent on a self fulfilling prophecy?Do we really think someone is going to come down to earth thru our depleted ozone layer to save us?

But what good will all the do?After Nov 3 and after over 3 years of beating round the bushes...it is very tiring...i am bushed.

Three years of a DAILY DOSE of indymedias whatreallyhappeneds libertyforums smirkingchimps democraticunderwears libertyforums guerrillanewnetworks salons slates msnbcs cnns foxs rumormillnewss jeffrenses lewrockwellss libertythinks davidickes abovetopsecrets cloakanddaggersmediamonitors infoclearinghouses prisonplanets drudge reports and drudge retorts buzzflashes surfingtheapocalypses c0balt.coms newsnow.nets globalechoes.org...and on and on.com.

They were saying its a grim day for democrats? Democrats schmemocrats.
Its a grim day for the world.Bush might have won in the USA but he lost and lost big in Europe Asia Africa South America Middlle East Iran Korea China.

What profit it a man if he gaineth his soul and loses the whole world?

Reflections of the United States of Amnesia

Three years of an overload of information and what do we have to show for it?Our friend Gilid Atzmon was right bush must win and the US has to implode before people wake up to the fact that a major paradigm shift is needed and a regime change is necessary to politicaly cleanse braindead washington.We are doomed to destroy ourselves.


In the meantime I bid you all farewell, I will be going on a cybersabbatical so to speak to rest my weary old mind online from the madness that is engulfing and dividing us all.I personally have not spoken to my republican mother in law and aunt for over a year now when THEY chose not to speak with someone like me who is against their glorious fabulous Bush and their holy War on those evil moslems.

Just remember that one day we will look back on these days when we could at least post our opposition to BLUSHARON and the MADNESS on the internet...pretty soon the GAS ACT will kick in and anyone posting or demonstrating anti zionist anti sharon anti war anti the apartheid occupation state of israel will be considered a criminal and WILL BE ARRESTED.

I am too old to be in the front lines in that war against the phoney warrenterra...too old to be in the trenches if you will and too old to go to jail under the GAS ACT.LIfe is too fffing short to spend what little's left of it in some detention center somewhere.Sorry but Im a Chicken Dove.


art [10:26 PM]