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[ Friday, November 05, 2004 ]


Bush Not Only Had To Rig Ohio But He Also Needed An Opponent That Wouldn't Make An Issue of It

The Election was not only STOLEN............it was FIXED!

We said it long ago. Bush 43 would not carry the same reservations his father did in winning a second term by rigging the election results. The very sad thing is that Bush not only had to rig Ohio but he also needed an opponent that wouldn't make an issue of it. Thus, Bush won in essence via the same dynamic as in 2000. Moreover, while it seems he didn't need it, with his brother as Governor of Florida, he was all set up to take Florida if required (supply the public with numbers justifying his re-election).The material below should make the American people weep not to discount having to hear that the Independent in London wrote how could 58 million Americans be so dumb?

art [11:03 PM]