Pulp Non Fiction

[ Sunday, July 25, 2004 ]


John Pilger on the ITV News Channel


The ITV News Channel is showing a documentary by award-winning film maker and journalist John Pilger each Sunday in a nine-part series.This is the first opportunity for viewers to see some of Pilger’s best-known and most powerful documentaries – including those that brought to light issues that still bear relevance to the news today.Pilger’s most recent film, Breaking the silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror.

The ITV News Channel is available on: Freeview channel 41; NTL channel 123; Telewest channel 617; and channel 525 on digital satellite.

"This is a one-off opportunity to see his best films in a 2-month run. Many of them have become even more relevant since they were made, and they have encouraged political debate on a huge range of issues.Two of the programmes shown on the ITV News Channel will be followed by 30-minute phone-ins on 15 and 28 August, when viewers will be given the chance to discuss the documentaries with John Pilger live in the studio.

Sunday, 25 July, 9pm - Palestine Is Still The Issue. This documentary follows one of the same name which Pilger made 25 years earlier. He not only explores the daily struggles of Palestinians living under occupation by the Israeli military, he brings together people not heard before on television, including a group of courageous Israelis.

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