Pulp Non Fiction

[ Thursday, April 08, 2004 ]


John Kerry Is Hung Like A Horse

O.K. It could be the folds in his pants in this Associated Press photograph that appeared in the print edition of The L.A. Times this morning (3/1/04). On the other hand, it looks like a penis! A very long penis.

"You should also know that I don't ordinarily look for such things in pictures of men. This happened to hit me in the face so to speak. So how does this have a bearing on the Jewish people? I'm not certain. But if I had to hazard a guess, it also looks like Kerry's had a bris. The head seams too round and at the same time too angled to sport foreskin. In any event, this photo should once and for all dispel the claims of Kerry backers that he has Jewish blood in him. I've been around the old Mikvah once or twice and I never seen nothing like that heading into the schvitz room."

art [6:28 AM]