Pulp Non Fiction

[ Monday, December 22, 2003 ]


Bush Gay? No Way He's So Macho!

"George Bush GAY??? What a joke!! I guess the reason Barbara left him in 1975 and was filing for divorce was because he had a boyfriend HUH??? What CRAP!!! In the CIA Poppy Bush had a reputation all right, but it wasn't for being GAY or for being a PEDOPHILE... It was for being a ladies man... a REAL dyed in the wool James Bond!! The women loved him and he loved the women!! This was the reason Barbara was getting ready to leave him! Don't for a minute believe the lies people spread about him being gay or liking little boys... it is pure crap put out by people who hate the mere mention of his name!!" Rayelan from Rumormill News.

art [5:19 AM]