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[ Tuesday, November 11, 2003 ]


The Party's Over : Banned Again From The Democratic Underground

Yesterday we logged in to the "democratic" website called the Democratic Underground and posted under the General Discussion topic Rumor Mill.We asked a simple question in the name of free speech transparency and good governance, "Who of the Democratic Candidates are Jewish or have Jewish affiliations or ties?"


The question was raised Knowing that almost all Jewish politicians and a large number of Christian politicians, with the exception of a few like Paul Wellstone Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney, have this "Israel right or Wrong" policy that could prove nuclearly fatal one day when Bush comes to shove.

We did not ask if any of the democratic presidential candidates had any Arab or Moslem ties because with the exception of our two token colored candidates who do not stand a snowballs chance in hell to win the Presidency,whose great great grandaddys might have been moslems in Africa, none of the other candidates even remotely have arab or moslem ties.Dick Gephart?

In the name of free speech and transparency and good governance, we asked this democratic bastion who of the Democratic Presidential contenders had jewish links and for that undertaking, at the demoncratic underwear, our post was deleted and our posting privelages were taken away yet again.This is the 5th time we have bin banned form the Democratic Website.The other four were in the same vein expressing our displeasure w/ Lieberman.

Mind you we WERE lifelong democrats.Past tense.We no longer consider ourselves democrats.We still cant get over how we voted for the "lesser of two evils" Gore-Libermann in 2002 though we console ourselves that voting "anyone but bush" is the noble thing to do.Not anymore.

Its obvious to us that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are the Party of Zionists.Owned and operated by the Jewish and Christian coalition of the Zionist party and takes its orders directly from Israel.Their pledge of alliegance to Israel and their Israel Right Or Wrong Policy is greater to their pledge of alliegance to the United States of America or even to the state that they were elected to represent.The safety of Israel is more important to them and their Zionist lobbyists more than any other issue on earth.The Israel "right or wrong" Party has two wings -- a Jewish wing that's 70% Democrat and a Dispensationalist Christian wing that's 70% Republican.

Their biased stand over the last 50 years since the railroading thru the UN the inception of the Stolen State of Israel has gotten us into this mess that we find ourselves in in the arab world in particular and the rest of the world in general today.We have completely forgone a human beings "right to return" to a land that was stolen from him and to add insult to injury we have deemed him as our lawmakers have as their handlers from Israel have deemed them as terrorists for using the drastic measures that they do for getting back what is rightfully theirs.

That old "lesser of two evils" reason we had for voting for a democrat instead of a republican has got to stop.We need to impeach them all in the congress and in the senate and virtualy seek a regime change right here at home.With the exception of a few good men (Senator Byrd comes to mind, and a host of all the other true Patriots who have bin labeled as anti semite nazis and ostracized from government like LaRouche,Buchanan,Duke and yes even Farakhan),they have all bin cajoled intimidated corrupted by the powerful Israeli Jewish lobby, turning both houses of government into a mini knesset and forcing the Israelizionization of America.

While we are glued to our TV sets watching movies and sports waiting for the superbowl and the academy and emmy awards like they were THE most important things in our lives, more important than that boring old topics called foreign and domestic policies.

We have to look beyond the democrats and republicans if we want to save our country from the local and foreign policy abyss that democrat and republican leaders alike like LBJohnson (his mother was jewish) Kissinger Allbright Libby and Wolfowitz Perle Liebermann have dragged our country down to.We are waking up daily to the news of more and more of our troops that are sitting ducks in the middle of a war that we had no logical reason for getting ourselves into and we are rushing in head first into the arms of political social and economic meltdown.

We desperately need to synergize and find a third viable alternative to the zionist hawks that are now in control of every facet of our government from the White House to the State Department to the FBI to the Treasury to the Federal Reserve to the judicial system to the police to the armed forces to the Department of Defense to the INS to NASA.

We cannot sit by and let Bush and Rummsfeld and Co. rule the world thru sheer intimidation preemption and aggression for four more years!Four more years of Bush spells Madness.

We peace loving liberal minded patriots need to gain control of our own governance for once in our lives! We were never in control.It has alwyas been either the evil Republicans or the lesser of the two evils, the democrats.We have never had a voice.We scoff at China for their One Party System, but at least they are honest about it and dont jerk off the public like we do here with our "anyone born in the USA can be president" but he HAS to be a republiconman or a demoncrat.All other parties be damned.

Libertarian and Green never sounded so good.

art [3:58 PM]