Pulp Non Fiction

[ Saturday, November 29, 2003 ]


Internet outflanks Zionists' Maginot Line


"In New York, Hassidic Jews openly equate Zionism with Nazism, and consider the state of Israel to be a blasphemy. Are these people anti-Semitic?"

Given their influence in government and media, one would think that North American zionists would feel rather contented. For example:

- Media and government both genuflect before the canonical verities of “Israel’s right to exist,” “anti-Semitism” and “the six million”;

- Palestinian victims make up 75 percent of deaths, but Jewish deaths account for 75 percent of media coverage;

- Muslims are said to commit “terror attacks,” whereas Israeli soldiers commit “incursions”;

- anti-Israeli comments are vehemently denounced, but anti-Muslim comments are often ignored or downplayed; and

- general reporting about the Middle East is reactive—free of any historical context that could embarrass Israel or challenge basic zionist myths.

art [5:37 PM]