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[ Sunday, October 12, 2003 ]



"Who can possibly think that the world would be better off with Saddam Hussein still in power?" Bush said. "Surely not the dissidents, who would be in his prisons or end up in mass graves. Surely not the men and women who would fill Saddam's torture chambers, or the women in his rape rooms."

Rape rooms? WHat the hell is he jerking us off on again? Rape rooms? Torture chambers we understand w/ rods and chains and electoshock machines but RAPE ROOMS? Did the have a red bulb outside w/ a sign? "Rape in Progress Do not Enter"

Or was it just a room w/ a bed and a box of kleenex by it?

We searched Dictionaries.com for raperoom and came up w/ ZILCH."No Entries found."Try searching separately Rape. Room.Duh!

We Asked Jeeves what is a rape room?He was clueless.He suggested we go find a local rape crisis center

We tried google and checked one of their sites but that was NOT exactly what we were looKing for.

We tried encyclopedia.com and came up with broom rape and no its not what you think.

We tried Britanica and came up with a WONDERFUL article on Politicizing W omens Pain THE NEW MYTHOLOGY OF RAPE....great article but no rape rooms.

Pray tell us where the moron got the term rape rooms? Not one room mind you but Rape roomS as in more than one rape room.From the same source he got the Saddam buying Uranium in Africa? Undoubtedly.

art [12:08 AM]