Pulp Non Fiction

[ Wednesday, August 13, 2003 ]


Weapons of Mouse Destruction

A dry ice bomb is a very simple and cool bomb to make.
It is safe to use, as it's only purpose is to make a loud bang (yes, it’s very loud). This bomb doesn't produce any flames, so it's safe to use all year around.

All you need is a chunk of dry ice, a plastic bottle and some water. Cut/smash the dry ice into pieces and stuff them down in the bottle. Make sure it's a plastic bottle, because if you use glass, you're going to use the rest of your life trying to get those tiny glass pieces out of your skin.

Fill the bottle an inch or two with dry ice, add water, put on the screw cap, shake the bottle, throw it, or run. In a few minutes you should hear a big bang. I mean a really big one.
DO NOT crush the dry ice into a fine powder. That'll cause it to blow in a matter of seconds.

Do not stand close, as plastic (or glass pieces for the one who didn't read what we wrote a few lines above) fly trough the air. Remember that plastic shrapnel can cause damage as well, and is not visible on x-ray. If you mess up, you’re in for exploratory surgery. That’ll be something to tell your friends!

Check out the video here: -Real Movie- (needs real player)

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