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[ Wednesday, August 27, 2003 ]



C-SPAN's LBJ White House Tapes Archive allows you to listen in Real
Media format to individual conversations that have aired on C-SPAN
Radio. You can search the archives by category, keyword, or

LISTEN TO LBJ's Frustrated Love sick calls to Jackie Kennedy telling
her how much he loved her and how everybody loved her and how 180
million Americans loved her and he was one of the millions who LOVED
her and missed her and wanted her to come put her arms around him and
how he wanted to be a "daddy" to Caroline and Johnjohn and how he
persisted with every phone call to sweet talk her to come to
Washington to visit him or he'll send his MOTORSICKLES out to get her!

LBJ The PRESIDENT of the USA actually had a persistent presidential
hard-on for JBK.

All the while WE fools were still in mourning JFK.

REMEMBER, you read it first on Pulp Non Fiction!

96. Conversation 1295 with Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of President John F. Kennedy
Thursday, January 09, 1964, 11:30 AM

Just over six weeks into his presidency, President Johnson again
speaks with his predecessor's widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, who provides
him some advice on how to make it in the White House. Mrs. Kennedy
mentions former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. President
Johnson again asks Mrs. Kennedy to come visit him at the White House
but receives a firm reply. Jacqueline Kennedy would not appear at the
White House again until the presidency of Richard Nixon.
Duration: 1 minute 14 seconds


115. Conversation 6312.16.13 with Press Secretary Pierre Salinger
Monday, December 23, 1963, 9:45 PM

At 9:45 pm on December 23rd, President Johnson gets a call from White
House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger. The recording starts with Mr.
Salinger giving LBJ information on who will go to the funeral of
Democratic Congressman Bill Green of Pennsylvania. Another topic is a
news story on LBJ*s phone conversation with President Kennedy*s
widow, Jacqueline, earlier that evening. Mrs. Kennedy did not know
that several reporters were with LBJ during that call.
Duration: 4:04 min.


116. Conversation 6312.16.2 with Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of
President John F. Kennedy
Monday, December 23, 1963, 7:18 PM

Two days later, the president calls Mrs. Kennedy again, just two days
before Christmas.
Duration: 1 minute 33 seconds


117. Conversation 6312.14.9 with Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of
President John F. Kennedy - and between Lady Bird Johnson and
Jacqueline Kennedy
Saturday, December 21, 1963, 6:55 PM

Four days before Christmas, President and Mrs. Johnson call
Jacqueline Kennedy, who has already left town, to wish her a merry
Christmas. The Johnsons' 16-year-old daughter, Luci Baines Johnson,
delivered Christmas presents to the Kennedy family before their
Duration: 2 minutes 27 seconds


128. Conversation 6312.5.5 with Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of
President John F. Kennedy
Saturday, December 07, 1963, 5:20 PM

On the day the Johnsons occupy the White House for the first time
since the assassination of President John Kennedy, President Johnson
calls Mrs. Kennedy at her home in the Georgetown neighborhood of
Washington, DC. Mrs. Kennedy is exhausted by her move out of the
White House with her young children Caroline, six-years-old, and
John, Jr., who is three.
Duration: 2 minutes 11 seconds


132. Conversation 6312.1.24 with Jacqueline Kennedy, widow of
President John F. Kennedy
Monday, December 02, 1963, 2:42 PM

Just 10 days after the assassination of her husband, President
Johnson calls Jacqueline Kennedy as a follow up to a handwritten note
he has sent to her.
Duration: 2 minutes 2 seconds


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