Pulp Non Fiction

[ Tuesday, June 03, 2003 ]


by Napoleon Hill

If you must give expression to predjudice and hatred and intolerance, do not speak it,but write it; write it in the sands, near the waters edge.

When the dawn of intelligence shall spread over the eastern horizon of human progress, and Ignorance and Superstition shall have left their footprint on the sands of time, it will be recorded in the last chapter of man's crimes that his most grevious sin was that of intolerance.

The bitterest intolerance grows out of religious, racial and economic prejudices and differences of opinion. How long unntil we poor mortals understand the folly of trying to destroy one another because we are of different religious beliefs and tendancies?

Our allotted time on this earth is but a fleeting moment. Like a candle, we are lighted, shine for a moment, and flicker out.Why can we not learn to so live during this brief earthly visit that when the great Caravan called Death draws up and announces this visit completed, we will be able to fold our tents and silently follow into the great unknown w/ out fear and trembling?

I am hoping that I will find no Jews or Gentiles, Catholics or Protestants, Germans, Englishmen or Frenchmen when I shal have crossed the bar to the other side.I am hoping that I will find there only human Souls, Brothers and Sisters all, unmarked by race , creed or color, for I shall want to be done with intolerance so I may rest in peace throughout eternity.

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