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[ Saturday, June 28, 2003 ]


Don't Shoot Till You See The W hites of Their Eyes


When the Rebels became aware of the British general's intention, they decided to frustrate it. Under cover of darkness during the night of June 16, they managed to send their men and a few field guns to the top of Bunker Hill. The surprised British woke up to find American guns pointing down at them. General Gage felt he had to take the hill at all costs and ordered a frontal attack, supported by artillery, by the guns of his ships, and by floating batteries on both sides of the peninsula.

Since the Bostonians had a limited supply of powder and used far from reliable muskets, their leader, General William Prescott, told them, "don't one of you fire until you see the whites of their eyes." And so they did. Just at the point of being overrun, the Rebels delivered a fire so deadly that the British troops retreated in disorder. Then a second wave marched up the steep hill, only to be repulsed again.

By the end of the day, however, a third wave —fighting with bayonets — captured the hill, and thus the British finally commanded the whole peninsula.

At that moment, the roomful of tea drinkers broke into wild cheers: "Jolly good show!...Those Rebels got what they deserved... That'll teach those hotheads...They must know their place now." When the hubbub calmed down, my father continued: "The casualties are high. More than 1,000 killed and wounded on the British side, more than 400 for the Rebels, including General Warren who was killed. And the nearby town of Charlestown almost totally destroyed by fire on the order of General Gage."


With our troops getting killed like sitting ducks on a daily basis it is clear that this arrogant cakewalk is no cakewalk.We know jfcakewalks and this dear Tommy Franks is NO cakewalk.

What we are witnessing today is a guerilla warfare and public resistance to an occupying force..the likes vietnam or or even afghanistan for that matter has never seen.The Israelis have been digging themselves deeper into this occupation hole for the last 50 years with NO SUCCESS whatsoever..Iraq is a hundred times bigger and more complex than the west bank!Saddam or uday or qUSAy could not fight our B52 bombers and our 20 ton Bombs and our F16's and our cruise Missleds of Mass destruction (The US won that battle but the wars not over yeat mr mission accomplised ..saddamloyalists are waging a man to man war now on the ground as the Iraqi Liberation Organization.Lets see thats what it is.LMD TOZP Loyalists of Mass Disturbance..to our zionist plans.

And King George Bush dons his Top Gun Costume and declares above the USS CLUELESS.. "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" KGB

Mission Accomplished you moron?MORE than FIFTY OF OUR BOYS KILLED and HUNDREDS WOUNDED since W made that missionaccomplished statement and The shows just getting started.But Stay tuned to FOXNN for the latest disinformation we'll dsitort it somehow to your liking.Mission Accomplished? That was a premature ejerkulation if we ever heard one.Whos he foolin?

How long are we going to be bamboozeled by this self destructive administration?How much longer are we going to let the Wolfowitzes and the A Team of Zionists Rule OUR country?Do we have to wait for hundreds of grieving parents to BEG US to bring their CHILDREN back?How long before we see that ot is our BULLY foreign policy that they hate,not us!How long before we see that OUR president is themost hated man today on this planet only after having overtook Ariel the Butcher Sharon (who overtook Milosevic) for first place in a few years.

End the Warrenterra.

IMPEACH the Bushes.

Save the world from Evil Dewars who are a threat to civilization and who have WMD's and threten to PREEMPT ANYONE they damn please.



Click on the link above and Cast your vote now or forever hold your mouse."

"Americans supposedly in polls support the war, it may be a case of living in denial"

Dont be fooled by polls we just saw on foxtv a poll taken in iraq that said that 67% of Iraqis polled SUPORT GEORGE BUSH.


That iraq poll in iraq is INFLOCKINGCREDIBLE since maybe 67% hate bush right here in the US and around the world the figure is HIGHer.

Irak and Poll.

Guerrilla War feared in Iraq

US commanders feel pacifying Iraq may take longer than expected
The mounting casualty toll suffered by US and British forces this week in Iraq is a worrying reminder, both to their commanders and to their political masters back home, that the process of bringing peace to Iraq will take time and will have a significant cost.

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