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[ Friday, June 20, 2003 ]


Terrorist Dogs : A Simple Analogy

Our dog Max loves us.

We love our dog Max.

The second he hears us pull up the driveway he rushes to greet us,barking wagging his tail and jumping up and down with joy.And we greet him and pet him and say good boy Max and walk towards the garage closet where we have a box of dog biscuit and give him one and he is the happiest dog in the world.He has been waiting for that treat all day.

Our 50 lb Labrador licks our hands our face in happiness and would go on for hours playingw/us if we let him.This friendly animal that we let into our homes and into our lives and into our hearts,thats totaly dependent on us that would probably give his life for anyone of us.

But had this same animal, who our 10 yr old daughter personally domesticated from a puppy 2 years ago, been brought up on the streets running with a pack of dogs,having to fight for his very existence and survival,he would be a different animal entirely.You see them sometimes driving down the streets ,there would be no way you could even dare come close to him as we are today.He would scare you and ten others like you had he been a wild dog.Even stray cats are wild and dangerous and you would never dream of petting her,not that she'd let you get anywhere near her.

This same happy loving animal who is naturally great with children would be a violent vicious ferocious creature that could tear your throat apart and eat your heart out without thinking twice and with no remorse whatsoever.

Had Max been a wild dog or had we sent Max to a police dog academy of sorts and trained to be an attack dog,we would tremble at the sight of him.So would you.The images of that woman in San Francisco forgive me for not remebering her name right now but letss not stray from the issue we're trying to make.That dog was not born wild, he was once a cute little puppy that you would have loved to own.Years of living on the streets and fighting with other wild dogs and cars and rummaging thru garbage made him into the wild possibly killer "guard" dog that he is today.

The Palestinians just one example of a poor shepherd tribe that nobody really gave a flock about who woke up one day to find that their land was no longer their land and they had to live in refugee camps in like the sheep they used to keep.These proud peace loving shepherds and fishermen and farmers were exiled to these miserable camps where most of them live to this day and they have given birth to maybe 2 million more refugess They have The true victimes of ethnic cleansing that is going on to this day who have been living not in the streets but in the in the streets of the refugee camps which is the closest you could call hell on earth for 50 years now,displaced disgraced degraded dejected denied destroyed yet always resurected.

This humble yet proud Arabs who had no oil that we grossly abandoned have refused roll over and play dead.This Hamas suicide bomber"terrorist" that we fear these boys and girls mostly in their teens and early twenties who are plowing themselves up to be heard who we grossly misunderstood that is on the top ten of the Israels most wanted list being hounded like a wild animal were once a peaceful human being too.

Israel turned him into the killer that he is today.

The twelve year old boy that is hurling stones at Abrams tanks (made in the USA)That is getting shot and killed will one day grow up (if he survives) to be a suicide bomber.He knows no better.He would rather die as a martyr a hero and take us with him Than spend the rest of his living like his father did, a refugee in a miserable refugee camp under occupation by a hostile army whose mission in life is to kill him.

The same goes for the dreaded Lebanese Hizballah "terrorist",the TigerTamil "terrorist",the Chechen "terrorist",the MILF "terrorist",and so on and so forth.There is more to these "terrorists" than meets the eye.Where have all the freedomfighters gone?Taken by their governments and transformed so conveniently into terrorists.

In order to see this we have to go beyond the latest "terrorist" attack and examine the root of the problem that transformed this human being that was once a helpless baby sucking his mothers breast, into the beast that he is today.

No one wants to live the way any of the above "terrorists" are living. Why should they? Would you? How long would you stand for it?How long would you stand for living like a hounded animal in a refugee zoo that makes the ghettos in Warsaw look like a five star hotel?

The Palestinian could be the Israelis best friend.

Can we turn a wild dog into a domesticated pet? Sure. Feed him regularly for a few days, show him that you care for his well being,make him a little doghouse that he can call his own,make him feel comfortable with you,make him TRUST you, throw him a stick and play fetch with him once in a while,buy him dog biscuits,and before you know it he will be eating out of the palm of your hand and licking your face.Before the two of you know it,this wild beast would become your best friend
who would defend you with his life if you were ever attacked by man or beast.

No dog wants to live the rest of his doggone life in the wild,fighting daily for his very existence just as no man would accept to wake up everyday living under a brutal occupation in a squalid dirty stinking miserable refugee camp not knowing how he isGoing to feed his children and not knowing if he will live thru the day without getting killed. No man wants to live a dogs life yet no dog would want to live a Palestinian refugee “terrorists” life.

The Filipino “terrorist” in Mindanao has been subject to this degradation and extermination for the last 400 years.He was hounded in his own land by Spanish conquerors for his faith that was also subjected to him by the Arabs and 400 years later he is still being hounded by his own people who were converted into good Christians and handed the intolerant torch by the Spanish and Americans when they left the Philippines.


From Muritania to Mindanao, no one wants to live like that.Would you?

Treat them like wild dogs and one day when theyre hungry enough they will attack you and maybe kill you.

Pet them and care for them and they will be your best friend.

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