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[ Monday, May 12, 2003 ]


Will you stop the funding of rejectionist groups?
All the Arabs support the Palestinians and send them money. You cannot stop that. No one in our area calls it terrorism. They are talking about freedom.

Interview with Bachar Assad

The Hizballah are freedomfighters NOT terrorists.

Israel is the one occupying the Lebanese and Syrian land.The nanosecond the occupation ends there will be peace.

The Arab 'land for peace' plan is the fairest most comprehensive peace plan put forward to date.

We should stop letting Sharon Wolfowitz and Co.tell us otherwise.

If the Arabs are bluffing lets call their bluff.

The Arabs seem dead syrious.

Land for Peace and Weapons Inspectors in Israel and Syria and Iran.

Not bluffing.

This is not a game.

art [8:22 AM]