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[ Sunday, May 04, 2003 ]



One day in 1967 the southern lebanese who lived on the border with north Israel woke up to find themselves on the other side of the border inside Israel.From that day on to this very minute,thousands of Lebanese human beings who have lived in southern Lebanon on record for six thousand years before Christ before Mohammad before Moses,became the property of the Zionist State of Israel.

If you really want to know what is going on in South Lebanon and who the hell Hizballah really are, read on.If you are not interested or think you know or think our secretary of state knows by asking Syria to shut down the "terrorists" offices in Damascus,you dont know jack.While we may have the distorted picture that Hizballah are terrorists and the Sharon is a man of peace,the Syrians the Arabs and the Iranians KNOW without a reasonable doubt that the Hizballah are freedomfighters not terrorists and Sharon is a war criminal not a man of peace.Syria and Lebanon are not sponsoring "terrorists" they are sponsoring freedomfighters.

Not to mention Hamas Jihad Islami Islamic Jihad Al Aksa Brigades and all the other big bad moslem"terrorist" organizations that are the top "terrorists" to Israel.The suicide
bombing will cease the instant there is an end to the occupation and when the Palestinians in particular and the Arabs in general feel truly that America is being fair in trying to solve the problem.Our problem in America is that we are being ruled by an unholy coalition of Christian and Jewish Zionists that believe in the "Israel Right or Wrong" policies and these gentlemen and not a few ladies dancing in the corridors of power,are dragging us deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Let us rewind a few years in this 100 year old problem between the Arabs and the Jews.Lets call it Hizballah/Hamas 101.

Before Zionism B.Z, the Arabs and the Jews were the best of friends, fighting for their lives for centuries during the dreaded Catholic inquisition era.The Arabs and Jews had no problem whatsoever coexisting in peace and harmony,in fact they sought refuge from one another from the wrath of the Holy Catholic Church,till Zion came along and said lets stick it to these dumb Palestinian shepherds and farmers and create our own state.Lets ethnic cleanse this land in the name of a Zionist Homeland.No one will notice least of all care.No one did.Now we are sitting up and taking notice but the picture has been distorted over the years.The ethnic cleansers went on to become Prime Ministers and Men of Peace and the true victims in this tragedy became the big bad terrorists.

In 1967,during the six day war, a small portion of Lebanese land known as Shebaa Farms,which are rich in water wells, was "conquered" by the Israeli Defense Forces.The occupation of this portion of south Lebanon and the subjugation of the southern lebanese farmer( who had nothing to do with the 6 day war) to Israeli terror has been going on exactly for thirty six years now.

While Israel pulled out of the occupation of Sharons "Bluffer Zone" in 2000 in a humiliating defeat and in a major victory for the Hizballah, they did not pull out completely.They stayed in Shebaa Farms which as we mentioned before is RICH in water.It is interesting to note that Palestine/Israel which is known as the Land of milk and honey hath no water and Israel has been illiegaly siphoning the water from the southern Lebaneses' land since 1967.

The Southern Lebanese Hizballah (Hizb = Party Allah = God) the Party of God have been fighting for their lives and land back since 1967 and the minute the Israelis leave their land the struggle will be over.Its as simple as that.Israel is the occupier in this case and it is clear that when our "honest"secretary of state Colin Powell says that Syria and Lebanon must "reign in" and stop Hizballah from its armed struggle, eithger he has no idea who the Hizballah are or he is speaking for Israel and not the USA.This is the same Colin Powell who went to Israel last year in the midst of the Jennin Massacres and saw no massacre.

Hizballah has never been and is not a threat to the USA today.The Hizballah is sarcasticly branded the "A Team" of Terrorists by Israel and its A Team of Zionists like Liebermann Waxmann Wolfowitz Perle Fleisher Greenspan Myers White Feith in Washington who respectively control what comes out of the Senate Congress the Defense department the State Department the White House the Federal Reserve the Army AND the Navy and the FBI.

The A Team of Zionists Carving Up The Middle East

It is the Zionists and Zionism that is a threat not Hizballah. Are we defending Hizballah? You bet we are.Its high time we called a spade a spade and realize who it really was who cast the first stone in this case.If you dont believe us then ask an impartial observer.Ask Nelson Mandella.Ask Dr. Mahatir .Ask the Christian President of Lebanon.He will tell you that no matter how radical Hizballah might seem to the rest of the world their cause is legitimate.

The minute Israel leaves Shebaa Farms and gives back South Lebanon to this "A Team of Terrorists", the war would be declared over and these "A Team of Terrorists" will put down their arms and go back home and reclaim the land and the lives they had lost since 1967.The Hizballah are human beings just like us and they are longing to be freed from something called an illiegal israeli occupation that we have unwittingly supported as far back as we can remember.The Hizballah are people like us all and have children that want to lead normal lives and play and go to school and live like all our children.

The minute Israel gets out of Lebanon and ends the 30+ years of occupation the Hizballa armed resistance would cease to exist.Israel would have CRUSHED the Hizballah without firing a single shot and without the life of one innocent Lebanese or Israeli lost in vain.End the occupation today and the war will be won!Give the Arabs their "Land for Peace" plan.What could be simpler?If only Israel knew how to give.Israel only knows the expansionist isolationist zionist way and that is not the way to peace.A major paradigm shift is needed in Israel and it will be based only on sharing and living together with her brothers equally as one.

The Hizb Allah are terrorists only because Israel says so.They are no more terrorists than Nelson Mandella was in South Africa or Benjamin Martin was in the Patriot or William Wallace Was in Brave Heart. Its high time we had an attitude adjustment as to who are the real terrorists here and who exactly has been terrorizionizing whom.
The answer to the Middle East problem is in our hands and we insist on siding with the bad guys and beating up on the good guys.

Not only are the Hizb Allah not terrorists they are heros of a brutal occupation.Not only is Syria not a rogue state harboring terrorists, Syria under Hafez Assad,the wisest moderate ruler the Arab world has ever known,a leader of principle who under the most enormous of pressure and provocation,kept the peace in the region all the while,against all odds,supported the Hizballah and Hamas freedomfighters who were fighting for their freedom from an illegal and unjust and brutal occupation from Israel.

Syria and Lebanon were on the side of what was right and everyone in the region knew Hizballah had every right.

There is an old saying in Lebanon that dates back a few thousand years,and it depicts exactly what Israel has done and what Israel is doing.

Roughly translated and any Arab Scholars if you have heard this one please feel free to translate correctly this gem that says:

"Darabne Wa Baka Sabakne Wa Ishtaka."

"He hit me and cried,rushed past me,and reported my crime."

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