Pulp Non Fiction

[ Thursday, May 15, 2003 ]



The Bombing in Saudi Arabia and the slaughter of dozens of innocent pawns in this Crusade is a direct result of the war on Iraq and the alarmingly escalating war on the Arabs and Islam in general.We'd have to be living on another planet if we dont see that by now.George Bush advised all american citizens to leave Iraq.It sounds like the prudent thing to do in light of the disturbing situation.Here is an american who has gone to the end of the earth to the desert to get a job so he or she can support their family and live in peace which is their basic human right.He or she did not go out there to die.They went there to live but ended up as targets sitting ducks in the war against American/British Foreign Policy.They did not go to Saudi Arabia to become victims in the hatred for our foreign policy, they went there to live not to die.George Bush is directly responsible for their deaths.

George Bush advised all americans to leave Saudi Arabia but what about the thousands of other expats living there?What about the Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia?What about the Filipinos? Are they not human beings too? Are they not in the same danger living in a war zone?There are a million Filipinos who are out there working just as hard as any American and have become victims in many "terorist" bomb attacks in Israel and now Riyadh.Why dont Musharraf and Gloria McApagal Arroyo not recall them back home too?Is there something George Bush is not telling us?

Did we expect the terror to stop once we "liberated" Iraq? Did we expect to just fold up our tents and throw in our gas masks and go home like nothing happened?Was this just a game to us?We 're hardly out of Afghanistan and stirring up things with the Syrians and Lebanese and we have not even begun to fathom that in George Bush's quest for a Crusade we have lit the fundamentalists fuse and given birth to a place much worse than Vietnam.Vietnam did not have this MANY civilian casualties.We had a million Vietnamese pissed off as hell with us and who would blame them?We didnt have a billion arabs and moslems pissed off at us.And whose to blame them too?And George the Crusader wants to go to war with Iran and syria and Korea and Cuba and who else Pakistan? Indonesia?

We dont want to say we told you so but we said that the wars on afghanistan and Iraq were unjustified, we yet have to see proof that linked Bin Laden to 911 and we yet have to find WMD's in Iraq,and we said that they would make "them" only hate us more.We warned Bush that by invading Iraq we would lose that the USA would lose big time.Our short term victory securing the oil wells wold become our long term loss as we Would become targets the world over.Thats too much of a price to pay for oil when we have more oil in Alaska than Iraq will ever have.One son ,one daughter one husband one wife one soldier is worth all the oil of Arabia to us.

We urge all you parents to reconsider your childs staying in the army or joining the army.History will one day prove This to be Wolfowitzes's Waterloo and time will tell that this unjust war on the Arabs was even more unjust than Vietnam ever was.The wounds of Vietnam are still fresh.We havent even fully apologized for our agression and our Napalm bombs and our agent oranges our WMD's that we tested on an innocent villagers that were less of a threat to the USA than Saddam never was.Somehow someone should have paid for those war crimes yet no one was.How quickly we forget.We dont have SARS we have a chronic case of collective SAS.

The latest bombing which reportedly took 9 "suicide bombers" which had the "fingerprint " of Al Quaeda written all over it,(yeah right) was no less spectacular in effect than the 911 withs its coordination and timing and strength and its message that any American can read.Yankee Go Home.And take Geraldo Rivera with you.

To all those who are thinking " tell me this is a joke. Right? RIGHT!!!? "

Yes it is a joke.We are the joke.The joke is on US.We have become the most hated nation in the history of this planet..Bush...he hit the Trifecta.Poppy and the Carlyle Group are laughing all the way to the bank.One lucky son of a Bush.

Read this and weep.Weep for US.Weep for the innocent victims so far who have been killed and the innocent victims who will be next all in the name of our bully foreign policies and our arrogance.We have to Hold our high horses,and come down off them.Were heading nose first into a Holy War with a billion moslems worldwide that will be of epic proprtions.Lets STOP the madness now.If someone could pull off a 911 whats to stop a few car bombs ala Saudia Arabia or Bali or Oklahoma to happen again in the USA?Are we going to wait until that happens and head in even deeper into our revenge mode?Are we going to live our lives living in fear as they do in Israel? Why on earth should we?We didnt occupy Palestine.

We dont need to occupy one more square inch of land in the whole wide world. We have enough land.we may have occupied our land a few hunderd years ago but no ones complaining ,but Israel occupied what was known the world over as Palestine and ethnic cleansed 7000,000 innocent men women and children from the roots of their feet and turned them into 3million refugees today 50 years later coming back to haunt them.THEY have to learn to give back and share the land they took in the first place and the lives (arab and jew) they destroyed in the quest for a perfect Zionist state.

Whats wrong if Iraq and whoever wants to follow suit choses its own form of government?Iran did twenty plus years ago and we have been living and working with the iranians in harmony since then.They are not part of an axis of evil.Evil is as evil does.The Iranians are loved and respected the world over.

Who is to say that we can have a christian based government and they cant have a moslem based one? Live and let live.We should accept the arab Land for Peace Plan.Its the most simple comprehensive win win plan that has actualy been on the platter yet in the freezer for decades revived lately by the heaviest of the heavyweights in the arab world, a man revered and respected by EVERYONE on the arab peace train,Prince Abdullah.Lets GRAB this Arab initiative.Lets stop siding with Israel for once in our lives. Lets truly give peace a chance.Lets give the arab Land for Peace Plan a chance.

Pardon the cliche but War is not the answer. This is not a game and its farfrom over.The violence has been going on on a reglar basis now almost weekly if anyone has noticed hardly a week goes by without some bomb blast somewhere or some American or British soldier killed by a snipers bullet.Not to mention the dozens killed by friendly fire and helicopter crashes.We'd better get out now and make peace not war with the Arabs before its too late.

Its never to late to make peace Virgina.

Trust us.If you are thinking well I dont know you from Adam,ask Mandella a true man of peace.You trust him dont you?If they award the Nobel peace prize to Bush or Blair this year Mandella should give back his.Mandella says why attack Iraq for WMD's when there is no proof that they posess them and there is more than enough proof Israel has them and dozens of broken UN resolutions to boot?Is it because you are using the Israel right or wrong policy? The Israel or Bust policy that taints ALL us americans as hopelessly double standarded?Anti War is the only way to peace.Anti Bush is not anti American nor is it unpatriotic and Anti Zionist is not anti semitic.Au contraire mes amis Anti Land for Peace IS Anti Arab.

art [5:05 AM]