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[ Tuesday, May 27, 2003 ]


The Increasing Evidence of Zionists’ World Domination.

Introduction: Who Rules the World?

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For many years the mundi club used to argue that, on the global scale, the world is ruled by an alliance between american economic and military might, brutland’s residual colonial power, and jewish finance. Chinese, asians, slavs, and moslems, have all been acquiring more wealth and power but at a slower rate than the americans/brutish/zionists. The world’s political axis seemed to revolve around the american-brutish-jewish triage. However, in this work the mundi club reformulates its analysis and gives outright primacy to the zionists who have control over the american congress and, to varying degrees, the american government and, by implication, not merely the american military but the brutish government whose obsequiousness to american interests is plain for all to see. It is more than likely that jewish financial power gives the zionists correspondingly enormous political influence over all governments around the world not solely those in america and brutland. However, this work does not deal with the global financial system nor zionists’ financial influence on political power - these issues are far beyond the mundi club’s competence. Whilst jewish financial power may be a major economic factor sustaining zionists’ political power it is not the only one - and it may not even be the dominant one. There are many highly profitable jewish-owned industries e.g. retail sales, the diamond industry, the fur industry, etc. But, more importantly, jewish talents in culture, entertainment, and the media are being transformed into vastly profitable new enterprizes as modern societies undergo structural changes from being manufacturing based societies to information based societies. The world’s biggest industries are currently the media and entertainment industries in which jewish talents excel.

5.1: America.
The proportion of jews in the most powerful positions in american society from the media, academia, politics, business, and finance, etc., far exceeds the proportion of jews living in america - the same also applies in brutland. In many ways, the rise of jews in american, and brutish, societies can be regarded as an achievement for these countries since it shows they are far from being out and out racist societies. The problems that are occurring are not so much societies’ acceptance of jews, but the use jews are making of societies’ acceptance - in particular their support for the racist zionist state.

The following sections should not be taken to constitute a political attack on jews but it is a condemnation of religious, fundamentalist, zionism which is aiming for a palestinian free palestine. It is also a demand for all ethnic groups in increasingly multi-cultural societies (with the exception of the zionist state in palestine) to be given adequate political representation to redress the inevitable distortions caused by the dominance of one group.

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