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[ Sunday, May 11, 2003 ]



We have to once and for all define the word terrorist.

We spent months years during the Clinton administration defining what 'sexual relations' meant.Its about time we spend a dew days rationaly logicaly unemotionaly defining terrorism.If you picked up the latest edition of Websters,the word freedomfighter no longer exists.

It has fuzzily turned into freedomfighterrorist.There is not one country in the world that can boast of having this now extinct speicis called freedomfighter.Nelson Mandella should thank his lucky stars King George Bush II and this phoney war on terror was not around ten twelve years ago or he would have NEVER seen the light of day.Our sanctions on South Afica did it.Thanks to the proud black americans who stood for black rights.They were heroes in the freedom of south africa.

If you stand for Palestinian rights you are ananti semitic racist bigot scumbag nazi pig.

We have to seriously define the word terrorist.Hizballah and Hamas or the PLO.We label them as terrorists.The worst kind.The scum of the earth.We want to exterminate them.NUkem!

But Why?Why do we hate them so?Would we rather they used car bombs and not suicide bimbos like the Basques in Spain and the IRA Ireland ?Would that make them any less terrorizing?

Is ethnic cleansing and stealing pepoles land and turning people into refugees and opressing and jailing and torturing shooting rubber bullets and dropping one ton bombs on a heavily populated refugee camp to get ONE MAN ,killing tens and injuring HUNDREDS of inncocent civilians NOT terrorism?

We too had a KILL HIZBALLA viewpoint not too many years ago, we hated hizballah and hamas too like all good christians and jews, till we saw beyond the suicide bombing and above the religious brainwashing from birth to intolerance of the moslem world in general which was so judeochristian of our upbringing,till we SAW as the whole world now sees that Israel STARTED the terror and all it has to do to end the terror is to END the occupation.All it has to do is GIVE BACK and it refuses to do so opting to finish the ethnic cleansing.


If we can only wear the poor refugees slippers for a few minutes and smell the stench of the garbage dump he is living in and see how it FEELS to live in a miserable refugee camp for 50 years and see the dead bodies all around with NO HOPE in sight.See how it feels not only to be homeless but stateless and to be hunted and killed like an animal (by the very people who TOOK your land in the first place and who terrorized you into fleeing your home and who forced you to live in your refugee ghetto) who are now calling YOU a terrorist because you are asking for your right to be free and your right to return to YOUR land.

How would you feel?

These people are dying to be heard.They are blowing themselves up to be heard.What are these "terrorists" telling us?They are telling us that they would rather die than live in this misery that Israel has deemed on them for the rest of their flocking lives.It all boils down to land and equality..Give them back their land...Get out of THEIR land and the terror will stop.No one blows himself up if he is happy on HIS land.These people are NOT terrorists though the may be terrorizing the real terrorist.They are freedomfighters to ANYONE who can look at the ROOT of the problem objectively.Israel is clearly the the agressor here.A David turned Goliatherrorist.

How would you define terrorist?

Granted the Palestinian is terrorizing the Israeli to get his land and freedom back, what would you call the Zionist who TOOK the Palestinians land in the first place who terrorized 700.000 men women and children to flee their homes 50 years ago?

Was that not TERRORISM in the first degree?

Is dropping ONE TON BOMBS on a sleeping INNOCENT population not terrorism?

Define terrorist.

art [2:50 PM]