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[ Wednesday, April 30, 2003 ]


What IF Saddam Was Never Found? (Written March 18 2003)


Let us just assume that after the blitz on Iraq, after
we have bombed out all those roads and bridges, after
we have bombed out all the defense forces,after we
have bombed out all the facilities after we have
bombed out innocent men women and children
Iraqis,after the dust settles so to speak, there is no

We are just assuming.

Bear with us on the eve of a possible war.

On this eve of destruction.

Let us assume a week goes by and Saddam is nowhere to
be found.

Bear with us.

A month and no Saddam.

And the figures start coming out on how many dead and
wounded innocent Iraqi civilians.

And no Saddam.

Two months.

And no Saddam.


Saddam is in deep hiding maybe in Kora Kora.

We bomb the bejeezus out of Kora Kora.

No Saddam.

Five months.

September comes and no Saddam.

We are now in "control" of "iraq".

But still no Saddam.

Rumsfeld says "he might be dead he might be alive
whatever who cares? We're in control!"

Saddam is out there lurking somewhere forming the ILO.

Saddam's Suicide Bombers Strike October and

No Thanksgiving this November.

Eight months have gone by and no Saddam.

We are just assuming all this bear with us.

December we find our troops are spending Christmas in

And coming back in body bags.

We are not celebrating but demonstrating this New

2004 and No Saddam Hussein.

And Iraq is in shambles.

Or economy is in shambles.

And ChIraq is saying we told you so Mr. Freedom fries.

Valentines in Iraq.

Saddam who?

Bin Laden?

Who cares?


Mr. Georgeous Bush is busy campaigning for November.

He is at War with the EVIL Demoncrats.

art [7:44 PM]