Pulp Non Fiction

[ Wednesday, April 09, 2003 ]


Most of our soldiers are in their late teens and in
their early twenties.We have soldiers who were but a
few years ago playing Nintendo...that’s if they don’t
think they’re still playing Nintendo.
Could these be the nintendo wars?

The Apache 130 Gunship Video is proof of the Nintendo

The Apache videotape is proof tht this time its not
counterstrike or red alert...we have given these young
boys billion dollar machines of war with megaton
bombs. that do not give anyone on the ground a
fighting chance.They've stopped using machine
guns,they're using bombs instead.
And as the AC 130 video shows, they empty all their
ammunition on anything and anyone that moves.


Of all the war footage we have seen none is as
barbaric and despicable as the ac130 gunship
video.Please take a minute to watch the 5 minute
carnage and save it to your hard disc and forward it
to everyone you know.

While it is being played by the media as some sports
event, these boys in this vdeo should be court
martialed,their commanding officer court marshaled,and
the general of the joint friggin chiefs of staff of
these killer forces should be taken out and
court-martialed and the commander in chief of this oh
so arrogant fascist regime and his warmongers should
be impeached and sent to the Hague unlike all the war
criminals the world has ever known but as the most
henious war criminals the world has ever seen since
the end of WWII!

What have you done to our boys Uncle Sam? What have
you done to our country?

What would you do if you were Iraqi and given the
choice? Not to say that the Iraq’s were ever given a

Live with a brutal dictator or die from the bombs of a
“friendly liberator”?

Some Iraqis now find themselves resting in peace
instead of living in it.

Thanks to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

art [8:21 PM]