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[ Saturday, April 12, 2003 ]


His name is Alon Pinkus the Israeli Conman General

Posted By: ArtBishop

In Response To: ISRAEL LAUGHS AT BUSH AND U.N. (ChristopherBollyn)

We saw him laughing too. His name is Alon Pinkus the Israeli Consul General to the USA. A horrible arrogant overbearing man.

We also heard Israeli Consul General Alon Pinkus (that snotty Homer Simpson lookalike w/the horrible blond hairdo ) spew out his venom on the FOXTV network where he is a regular "guest" on a show called Fox and Friends.Consul Pinkus said:

"Could you imagine your son or daughter having a pizza in New York and they are blown to bits?" "Could you imagine your son or daughter waiting for a bus on 42nd st on the way home from school and a HOMICIDE BOMBER (Pinkus REFUSES to use the term suicide bomber) blows up YOUR CHILDREN and you NEVER see them again???"

And the 3 biased racist stooges of Foxzion and Immature Fiends all nod in agreement that that would be indeed terrible.

Wait a goddamn minute! Hold your horses there Mr.Conman! Who the flock do you think you are fooling?

Why should WE in NEW YORK have suicide bombers????? That is NOT OUR problem. That is Israels. Why is that unbearable likeness of being ..CONSUL GENERAL PINKUS EXPORTING HIS WAR to US HERE? How DARE he SCARE US like that?? The NERVE of that man! Get him OFF our airwaves!

The USA did NOT TERRORIZE and ETHNIC CLEANSE almost a million palestinians from what once used to be known as Palestine in 1948 and turn it into the State of Israel.They expected almost a million refugees to roll over and play dead but they have mushroomed into 3 million spread out from Lebanon Syria Jordan Egypyt Jordan Saudi Arabia the Gulf to London to Canada to Australia and to the USA.

What the Zionists did in the '40's was exactly what Milosevic TRIED to do in the 90's.The only difference is that there was no Ted Turner CNN and Christian Ammanpour in 1948.Why did we feel the pain of the moslem refugees in the former Yugoslavia and mobilized NATO to help them return to their homes and did our damdest to bring MILOSEVIC to trail for his CRIMES? We did the RIGHT thing there, Yet we insist on helping a butcher named Sharon and calling him a man of peace and calling the Palestinians and Syrians and Lebanese terrorists when nothing could be further from the truth.

Would we consider the Moslem Serbs terrorists too if Milosevic had trumphed in his ethnic cleansing and they fought him 20 years from today as the Palestinians are fighting the Zionists today for THEIR right to return today?Would we call THEM terrorists? Huh?

Where have all the freedomfighterrorists gone?

: Christopher Bollyn - American Free Press - Washington, D.C.
: http://www.americanfreepress.net


: Francis A. Boyle
: Law Building
: 504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
: Champaign, IL 61820 USA

: Prof. Boyle,

: While listening to George W. Bush speak at the UN yesterday, I
: noticed that a member of the Israeli delegation was
: laughing. The camera quickly pulled back as it was probably
: decided that it was in bad taste to broadcast an Israeli
: diplomat laughing as the President of the United States was
: threatening war against the largest Arab nation.

: It crossed my mind that this blonde Israeli diplomat, whose
: name escapes me, might have been laughing at how easily
: Israel manipulates the American president and the United
: Nations.

: Bush is trying to make the case that Iraq is a threat to peace
: armed with weapons of mass destruction. Iraq, however, is a
: signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and
: allows its main nuclear facility at Tuwaitha to be
: inspected on a yearly basis.

: The International Atomic Energy Agency inspected the main
: Iraqi nuclear site in January 2002. On the other hand,
: Israel, Pakistan, and India - all known to be
: nuclear-tipped states - are ALL on the brink of war and
: have ALL been engaged in hostilities since 1947, but have
: not signed the NNPT treaty and do not allow inspections of
: their nuclear facilities. Pakistan and Israel are allowed
: to develop WMD with total secrecy and impunity.

: As you well know, Israel actively violates no fewer than 4
: Security Council Resolutions: 242 (1967), 338 (1973), 1397
: (2002), and 1402 (2002), going back 35 years.

: These resolutions "recall" or "reaffirm"
: the earliest resolution, 242 from 1967 which calls for:
: "Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories
: occupied in the recent conflict;
: [and] Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and
: respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty,
: territorial integrity and political independence of every
: State in the area and their right to live in peace within
: secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts
: of force;"

: How can the United States declare war on Iraq for being in
: non-compliance with resolutions while casting a blind eye
: on Israeli non-compliance going back 35 years? Who is Iraq
: occupying?

: SC Res. 1402 "calls for the withdrawal of Israeli troops
: from Palestinian cities, including Ramallah", although
: Israeli troops continue to occupy those cities and towns 6
: months after the resolution was signed last April 1.

: SC Res. 1397 of March 12, 2002, "Demands immediate
: cessation of all acts of violence, including all acts of
: terror, provocation, incitement and destruction" yet
: Israel continues to invade Palestinian villages and towns
: on a daily basis and destroy homes and businesses with
: impunity. No fewer than three times this week Israeli
: troops have invaded Palestinian towns in the Gaza Strip and
: engaged in "acts of terror, provocation, incitement,
: and destruction."

: How can we expect the people of the Middle East to accept this
: blatant double-standard? How can Americans accept this
: hypocrisy and abuse of the U.N. by their government? How
: can Americans allow their sons and daughters to go to war
: to fight for Israel's Lebensraum and hegemony?

: How many people will have to die in order to deliver Iraq's
: oil reserves to the plutocrats of London and Houston?

: Regards,

: Christopher Bollyn

art [12:36 AM]