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[ Wednesday, April 09, 2003 ]



The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime,the Watch Dog That Did Not Bark
(Updated 03/02/03)

The Sherlock Holmes mystery the "Silver Blaze" was about the theft of an expensive race horse from its stable. During the investigation, Inspector Gregory of Scotland Yard asked Holmes if there was any particular aspect of the crime calling for additional study. Holmes replied "Yes," and pointed to "the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime." Inspector Gregory replied, "The dog did nothing in the night-time." Holmes said, "That was the curious incident." In this case, the failure of the dog to bark when Silver Blaze was stolen showed the watch dog knew the thief. This was an important material fact; it considerably reduced the number of suspects, and eventually solved the case.

Having said that we would like to ask one question having searched the web thru and thru and high and low but could find NOTHING to answer our question.So short of asking Jeeves, we would like to toss the question out to you and you tell us.As far as we know this is the FIRST time this question has ever been raised on the intrnet or anywhere.
(original Dog that Did Not Bark article published April 2002)

As anyone who has been to a modern day airport probably noticed, there are security cameras that record your every move from the minute your car drives in the parking lot to your walking up to the ticket counter to your going thru the xray machine to your sitting in the departure lounge to your boarding your plane. Are you with us so far? Does anyone dispute this FACT? Can anyone tell you otherwise?

Ok now to get to our question,we want to take you to a black and white still picture that was shown to the WORLD that showed two men checking in an airport on 911.Keep in mind that a 6th grader can take a picture and put ficticious dates on them.A date on a picture is not foolproof.One of them was called Atta the other was,does anyone remember his name? Does anybody really care what his name was?We got the big bad arab moslem fanatic ringleader Mohammad Atta ,thats all that matters right?


That wasnt the question in question.
The question that has been nagging us for 17 months now that NOBODY has asked is:

Where the hell is the footage of the 17 OTHER 'hijackers'?

All we were shown were 19 passport pictures of 19 'dead men'.

We'd like to see the footage of ALL of the 19 'hijackers' entering the airport checking in going thru the xray machines and boarding the bloody planes please, do you mind Mr.Bush?

We'd settle to see some still pictures of them all in the airports even.
Is it too much to ask? We need proof.We hunger for the truth,dont you?
You SHOULD have those tapes somewhere dont you?

We dont trust TonyBlair saw proof.Does anyone trust Tony?Not even the British believe him.

In all FAIRNESS to the families of the victims we DEMAND to see the AIRPORT SECURITY CAMERA TAPES of the victims in their last two hours or so ALIVE before they tell us well one year has lapsed and since no one asked and they were classified docs, we normaly, SHRED THEM!

Forgive us for doubting and bringing up this maybe irrelevant point out to you here,but these are extraordinary times,and these are very relevant questions you should be aksing yourselves,and while we 're at it we have a few more NAGGING questions:

2) We'd like to see pictures of the plane that crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside...We never saw ONE shred of debris of a plane,did you?Has anybody seen ONE picture of a plane? In this day and age where we have footage of the lowliest car chase we dont have ONE picture of that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.? All we saw were trees and some sort of sand dune debris in the background.We are in no way implying anything but SHOW US PLEASE,and that BLACK BOX? should be made public.Its fishy/suspicious to say the least when it is "revealed" to just the grieving family members who were sworn to secrecy.Has anyone heard a peep from them since?Why the secrecy?Because there was NO MENTION of ARABS anywhere on the taped conversations?

3) We'd d like to see the same for the pentagon 'plane crash'.we have gone thru ALL the pics made available. Wheres the plane? Where are the wings? Wheres the tail? Did the 4 engines evaporate into thin air? Where are the black boxes (supposedly found september 14) for cryin out loud?Why were the 'hijackers'names not on the planes manifest? Why were there no Arab names in ANY of the 4 'planes'manifests?Was it a missle that hit the Pentagon? A truck bomb a la Oklahoma?Shades of Timothy McVeigh?Or was it an INSIDE JOB?

4) If there are no planes in Pittsburgh and the Pentagon and there are no hijackers what REALLY happened? Remote controled planes in the WTC case or was it our very own homegrown American homeboyterrorists?Or was it the SHADOW GOV? Was it the Marvin Bush and the Mossad?

5) Why has the MAIN Anthrax suspect PHILLIP ZACK NOT been arrested yet? Are the feds afraid of his being a Zionist?

6) Were the Mailbox bombs Bin Ladden and Saddams work too? Were the SNIPERS Arabs?

7) Will King George Bush the Second (KGBII )declare martial law abolishing the writ of habeas corpus making everyone & anyone who opposes the war on terror and who questions whats going on a terrorist too?"You're either with us or you're a terrorist too"?

9) Why did George Bush sit there reading a goat story to kids for almost 30 minutes AFTER the second plane crashed into the WTC? Was that the normal reaction of a Leader who said he would do everything in his power to protect his citizens?Where was his OUTRAGE? Was he waiting for the "operation" to finish?

9) Is Cybermartial law next?The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime,Why didnt the dog bark? Elementary dear Watson...He knew the culprit.

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